Friday, April 30, 2010

A scary time, but a good time

We are going through a somewhat scary time right now. It looks as though we will be losing Medicaid and SSI benefits for Toby in the very near future...say in a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

This all started with Colleens post about Medicaid waivers. (I appreciate the post by the way)

However, this started a chain reaction.

Nate and I knew we were close to the income level cut off for SSI and were already over the income level for reguarly medicaid. We knew that when Nate published his first book that it would be putting us even closer. However, with his second book coming out in the next month I knew that it was mostly likely going to put us totally over the income level. (and yes I said SECOND book, how neat is that?)

So after reading Colleen's post decided I should start to do a little research and come up with a plan. Now granted when I started making my phone calls I thought this was for FUTURE reference, not right now!! So I started with my list of contacts and my notebook and went through it all.


It became very apparent that as soon as we get Nate's next royalty check we will be pushed over the edge. This is HUGE for us. We have relied on these programs for all of Toby's medical care. And let me tell you, All you tax payers out there. We appreciate it. and have been extremely thankful for it. A small part of Toby's NICU bill was over 100,000 and that was just the first month of his life. So needless to say this is something that is necessary for us and for Toby.

There are other programs that we can go through and things that we can apply for, but it's just plain scary. I know that its going to work out and I think we have most of it figured out, but it's still scary. All of a sudden working with copays and referrals and things that I've never had to worry about before will be a whole new world to us. The timing of all of this to. Because of Toby's medical care being ongoing, with therapy and all kinds of things we abssolutely can not have a lapse in coverage. So obviously that is important.Also, we are fighting SSI on a supposed overpayment of a few thousand dollars at the time. If we lose SSI they will want that money back out of pocket!!

So, I write this for a couple of reasons, one to tell you Im scared. Im pretty nervous about working out the details and for this to put a new aspect of our lives. So I need prayer.
I also tell you this because I know that God is good and I know that He is soverign and I KNOW that He knows all of this and the end results.

God promises to take care of our needs. Toby needs medical care reguarly. I can rest in the promise that God promises to take care of that need and that God loves Toby more than I could ever dream of loving him. I believe that this is a good way for me to increase my faith.

The neat part of this too is it seems that God is reminding me reguarly that He takes care of us as a family. Little things like a stove, one that I specifically wanted down to the smooth top, completely given to us. A desk that I needed to get things ready for homeschooling delivered straight to our new family room. There is so much more, and they are all just little reminders right now of how God takes care of us. And if He can take care of something like a new stove with a smooth top. I'm pretty sure He can take care of Toby's medical insurance.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Please follow the link

I'm sorry I keep doing links, but once I write it once I really dont even have the time to copy and paste...Nap time is fixing to end. Please take the time to read this, please forward this to people you know. Id really like people to be aware that things like this still happen so they can be prepared to help someone if they ever see something like this. We should all be prepared to take action when needed.
So click here for the story of what happened to us this monday. but you might want to take a blood pressure pill beforehand