Friday, February 6, 2015

Growing out the Pixie

So All I wanted in life was to look like Whippy Cake....okay well Becky from whippy cake.
shes gorgeous. she has awesome hair... truly awesome. always. I dont think the chick knows what a bad hair day is. for real. follow her on instagram. she is awesome.

So finally after having long hair for the first time ever. I chopped it off. CHOP CHOP CHOP. 

and it was horrible. I avoided any and all camera for the first 6 weeks.  It finally started to grow.

This post is just a fun little documentation of growing out a pixie cut. because really its a challenge and it took some doing and really im not even all the way to the its officially grown out stage.

So first there was this. Granted this was after at least 6 weeks of grow out. (you can just imagine how short it was) Try the pin the bangs back and go for smooth without looking like a boy. Earrings and extra makeup were a must.

Then there was rocker chick USA. It was getting too long to smooth without looking like a horrendous comb over. So some extra wax and praying for non windy weather and you got this look.  

Then I tried the early 2000s me. Which was pulled back on one side and the other side pushed forward. It worked for the time being....but I felt like early 2000s me...and considering it wasnt 2003 I was looking forward to getting passed this stage.
Through all these stages I cut the back of my hair every 4-6 weeks to keep the mullet at bay. (let me tell you that is easier said than done) many times Nate had to come behind me and tidy it back up. Nothing made me feel more like a man then my husband "cleaning up my neck"
Then the side bangs happened and some more hair wax. It worked but it is very very hard to avoid looking like a justin beiber look a like. Some days Im sure I missed the mark on this look.
Then I went back to the one side down and the other side back but then switched it up with some waves with the flat iron. worked...for about 3 days...till I got sick and tired of the flat iron and waves not quite looking right.

And lastly here is the stage I'm at now. Its the bob with bangs.  For today I like it. I'm using a shampoo with caffeine in it. Im not 100% sure its working. I'm not 100% sure its not. But I'm learning towards working. There is only a few weeks between these bottom pictures and the one right above this. 

 So here you go.  The pixie transformation. I never did end of up looking like my hair idol whippy cake. But then again I'm not platinum blonde and I have about 700xs thicker hair than her.