Monday, August 30, 2010

I can feel it....

There are days. More days than not. That I cant feel it. There are weeks when there are only brief moments of it.
This is not one of those weeks.
I'm talking the feeling of having a child WITH special NEEDS.
Do we do things every single day that most parents dont do? absolutely. But its just our life.
Do we deal with issues that most dont think aout? Probably. But it really becomes normal.
So sometimes when I have a week like this one it kind of punches me right in the gut.
We've been trying to get certain medical equipment for Toby for 2 weeks now. With zero results. well finally some today. Which meant numerous phone calls and lots of stress.
We have an appointment every day this week but Friday.
We found out today that Toby's speech level is at the age of a two year old. We found out Toby needs speech therapy 2 xs a week. That puts us at 4xs a week now. We also are signed up for an ocupational therapy evaluation which if needed will put us at 6 times a week every week for therapy!! My heart started pounding at the thought of it.
Toby just got glasses last week after a 3 hour appointment. And now are dealing with the glasses battle.
We are dealing with questions and concerns for his braces and belt (appointment on wednesday)
Pushing tons of Goals for therapy (appointments Tuesday and Thursday)
And waiting for the phone call to schedule the ocupational evaluation.
So needless to say. I am feeling it!! I think our whole family is. This on top of homeschooling for the first time in my whole entire life. It's been crazy. My stomach has hurt worst than it probably ever has.
I know that God's grace is all I need to get through this week. I know that I will get through it. That next week I will either look back and say, "How in the world did I survive?" Or Ill say "Not too bad."
But it's the way it goes with a child like Toby. We have most days where its just life. Day in and Day out things we deal with but its our normal.
I'm so thankful that this is not our normal!! But I sure am feeling the stress this week.
Please keep us ALL in your prayers. I fuss about me, but Toby is the one really dealing with all of it full force.
Just wanted to add a funny picture that says it all for me this week. I tried to switch things up and do our math lesson outside...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toby with those arm crutches

Wednesday night we had our first teen meeting of the school year at church. We started off with praying for each other. THe girls and the guys split off. I ask all the girls to pray for Toby as he keep working on his arm crutches. (he hates them) So we sat there I heard all those girls pray specifcally for Toby. AMAZING!! The next day I sure had some fire under my tail to get him working even harder. And thats's the day it happened. I left his walker in the car (which I used to do when he first go it because I hated using it so much) we finally had a break though. We even took them to a store today and outside!! He's doing really well... And dont even try to tell me it wasnt because of having that prayer time!!

ps I told Toby about all the ten girls praying for his arm crutches. All day he said, "really?" "For real?" and then he woudl say " tell me the story again how they prayed for me."