Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Today I prayed, and I will pray again tomorrow

Today I prayed.

And today it shocked me how little I pray for the babies who have Spina Bifida. The mommy's who believe they have the right to decide if their child lives or not.

Sometimes its easy to stay in my happy little bubble, assuming that no one would ever think that these children should not have a chance at life. An amazing life might I add.

Today helped me realize how much I should be praying, not just once a year or once when someone really shakes me out of my little bubble. But continually and constantly. Knowing that God listens.

There are so many reminders in my life of how amazing these children are. How completely 100% worth it they are!

Ive gotten over 70 orders for necklaces and bracelets from my other blog and I've loved it. Its so amazing to sit there and look at all these little circles with children's name on them. Children's whose parents chose life. Its been amazing to look at all the words. Brave, perspective, fearless, and can. Realize how much meaning those words have!

100% worth it!

This week if your friends with me on facebook You know that ive been working on a painting for the Kinetic Kids (sports programed for handicapped children) silent auction. A picture that really does mean so much to me because if though some might look at Tobys arm crutches as a sign of being DISabled. I see them as a sign of being ABLE! I sign of how far weve come and how hard weve worked.

100% worth it!!

And so I will keep praying even after today is done. I will keep praying that these mommies, daddies, doctors, grandmas, brothers and sisters will realize how 100% worth it these children are!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

A little idea to a really big deal

So as we all know from facebook, blogs, babycenter. The Spina Bifida Awareness Shirts are a hit. A much bigger hit than I ever even imagined. As of right now we are already over 200 shirts!! I stay awake at night now imagining angry customers who got the wrong sizes, boxes surronding me and none of the shirts fitting in them!! Its great! I had no idea how out of hand this was going to get. Not to mention people seeing the necklaces and bracelets and ordering them. Its fantastic, but slightly overwhelming!

I love what Karen over at Carson's Corner said about spina bifida awareness

I also wanted to mention that October is spina bifida awareness month. Spina Bifida is something that we have learned about through experience. However, I feel that people need to know what it is through influence as well. I think about all the precious babies who are not given the chance to life because there is a lack of proper information or a lack of proper counsel. How sad it is that spina bifida is considered a severe disabling birth defect that effects the child's quality of life. Even worse is that many women are counseled by doctors that the very best thing they can do is choose abortion. We must do our part to spread awareness, and change the opinion of what spina bifida is. Look how cute and happy and amazing a child with spina bifida can be. Look at the quality of life they themselves have and the blessing that they are to those around them. They are so strong, and teach us so many things about life and love.A small way that you can help is by purchasing a Spina Bifida awareness t-shirt. The cost is only $13 and you can "wear your awareness". Perhaps you will meet someone and be able to share the testimony and blessing of the one who you love with spina bifida.Please go to and place your order today. They will only be available till October 12.

What a great reason!! I love it!

Anyway, I've never been so excited about a shirt in all my life. But I really am. Leigh Gibbs husband, Andy did such a fanstic job of capturing how we all feel about Spina Bifida. It's such an amazingly honest design.

So anyway, this has been my life since this past wednesday and will probably continue to be until this next wednesday.