Monday, May 23, 2016

Finnick Odair in a wheelchair!

Its been a while since I've written because, well, who has time for that anymore.

But then this showed up in my insta feed. And I was like...."WHAAAAAAT!??? Finnick Odair in a wheelchair!??? This might be the best movie yet. I watched the trailer and thought. "AMAZE! What is this beautiful story about.?"

And then I googled.

I went ahead and read the whole premise. Spoiler and all.
If you haven't read the book and don't want it spoiled go ahead and stop reading.

Ive had friends ask me to go see the movie with them...because....well....Finnick. And honestly if I hadn't googled I would have been perfectly happy to see it.

But I did.

And honestly, I truly try not to be offended by everything wheelchair related and such. I try not to be hyper sensitive and over zealous and post all the posts and stuff. But tonight I read an article that perfectly explained all my thoughts after I read what I did.

When I first sat there excitedly reading what this story was about and then my excitement turned to horror and my heart was literally pounding in my chest by the end of it I almost felt like an idiot. I had tears in my eyes, my hands were a little shaky and I genuinely just felt upset. When you have such strong feelings and you are completely by yourself and you've read something that is supposed to be happy and exciting (the way the person wrote about the movie) it can make you feel like you are on the edge of crazy.

I've got some pretty strong opinions on the book and movie...none of which are good ones.

And Ill admit I didn't read it. I don't plan on seeing it and I don't plan on having a second opinion on it.
The whole idea was enough for me. The whole idea of the book made me want to vomit my fruity pebbles.

Here's the link to the blog I read tonight. I'll warn you its long. But if you've taken the time to read the book I'd ask that you take the time to read this.

If you take the time to go see the movie, take the 10 minutes it might take to read this.

Maybe you might be annoyed with me for having strong feelings about this, maybe you might just roll your eyes.  Or maybe you might just put yourself in our shoes.

And BTW. I'm totally okay with agreeing to disagree....It's what we do sometimes.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Who's story is it anyway?

You might have noticed that my page has changed. This blog used to be called "raising toby." My Facebook page used to be called, "Pray for Toby." And now all that has changed.

You see as Toby grows I start to lose some of what I felt was my story to share. As Toby gets older my voice that has told the story becomes his voice that tells the story. It's no longer my story to share.

I am part of the first generation of "blogging parents."  I'm still figuring this whole thing out in the age of social media galore and ways to pour your heart out and honestly I haven't figured it out yet. I don't want to look back in 10 years and have to apologize for what I put up. So what I'm doing is leaning towards caution. Leaning towards quiet and leaning towards respect.

One day Toby will be preteen Toby. One day Toby will be teen Toby and one day Toby will be man Toby. Will all those Tobys want me sharing his story for all to see? I don't know the answer to that.

But I'll lean towards caution, I'll lean towards quiet and I'll lean towards respect.

It took me longer to change the Facebook page because I desperately wanted everyone to keep praying for him. I wanted people who I know care so much about him to know what is going on and what we are facing. So "Pray for Toby" still seemed appropriate.

However the last couple times he's gone by and the screen has been up I've wanted to shut the screen, face it another way and hide the page. I didn't want him to see it because I wasn't sure what he would think of  it.

And that was the lightbulb moment for me.

It was time.

Baby Toby has turned to kid Toby and kid Toby just wants to be KID TOBY not "Pray for Toby."

I still have a story to share. I still have things to tell you and I still desperately want you to Pray for Toby still and pray for our family and pray for Wren too. But Toby's voice just got a little louder and mine got a little more quiet because it's his story to share and not mine.

So I hope you will still stick around and I will keep you updated on basic things with him but Ill keep you updated on all things in our little family...okay big family.  Cause I still have lots of story to share.