Monday, July 25, 2011

The Chair

Today was a big day!!

Toby got his first wheel chair a little before his second birthday.

Toby stopped using that chair at his third birthday.

Not because he needed a new one, but because he didnt need one at all.

It's been sitting in our garage collecting dust. (dont worry we will be donating it to a worthy cause)

But after over 2 years over no wheelchair. And after much discussion. We decided it was time for a chair again. Not because he's not still amazing us. Not because he doesnt prove doctors wrong all the time. Not because he isnt walking amazing well.

It was just time.

There comes a time when a 5 year old is just too big to be held. Too big to be put in a stroller. There comes a time when a 5 year old little boy wants desperately to keep up with all of his friends.
This is toby waiting for his chair.

This is toby trying desperately to get a glimpse of his chair when the door opened.

we've waited at least a couple months.

Toby slightly irritated because he was so excited then he wasnt allowed to wheel because adjustments needed to be handled first.

And then he got his chance. I couldnt get a picture of him not talking.

But then, if I ever doubted (which I did) If my stomach hurt on the way to the appointment wondering if we had made the right decision (which it did)

I think this picture tells it all....and doesnt make me doubt any more.

Pure and total satisfaction!!!

afterward we took a trip to walmart to grocery shop. I wanted him to have a chance to use it during an activity that would be appropriate. He was able to help in the store for the first time in years. He never tired and he loved every moment of it.

I have no doubt we made the right decision.


ps He will STILL be walking. We will STILL be pushing. The chair will be used only for certain circumstances with lots of rules surronding it. : )