Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Wanted to take a few moments to update and clarify.

1. The reason we havent given the names of the surgery and been a little vague is that Toby is almost 8 and we know that he needs to start having some rights to privacy. This is a more sensitive surgery and have decided that even though we are asking prayers and giving some detail that we want it to be his choice if he wants people to know exactly what was done. Also, its just plain confusing. Its 7 surgeries done at once....hard to explain.

2. Toby has a vp shunt. Tobys shunt saves tobys life .Keeps him Toby. It is in his brain but drains down into his stomach.  
3. So when his fever spiked, and we found a pocket of fluid with signs of infection the doctors first goal was to protect his shunt tubing and act fast. It looked like one of those worst case scenarios fast. Crazy amounts of antibiotics and a drain later and we are in the clear.  It did have bacteria and everything else is being run through labs but we know that it is being treated and taken care of. We also found out that it wasnt a bladder leak which was great news!!! For something to go wrong this was the best of the worst if that makes sense.

4. We are also fighting bed sores from being on an operating table  for 10 hours so we are getting a special bed and doing lots of rotating and some training for us on how to deal with it.

5. we will be coming home with drains and things and well a new way of life. So we will need some time of adjusting..I still am unsure of all the details....our poor doctor will be bombarded tomorrow with questions.

Thank you all for praying. Thank you for caring. For checking. For notes. For presents. For meals. For babysitting. For all kinds of ways that so many have taken care of us and loved us.