Friday, June 4, 2010

Hello Selina

So my last post...

kind of a bummer...

But isnt it funny the way God works. We were recommended to two therapists for PT for Toby. One was recommended by two seperate individuals. We were also told that we would wait, plan on waiting, waiting a long time. Maybe not even plan on getting in ever.

But isnt it funny that God knows things that we didnt even know or understand at the time.

I called the first one. The one highly recommended. The one recommended by two different people. The receptionist let me know there was a 30 person waiting list for this therapist and I might as well look else where. Well, I asked to be number 31 and then asked for Selina (thats her name) to call me.

After many many more calls. And wanting to bang my head up against a wall from all these touchy feeling, love yourself and dont ever push the child therapists I got a phone call.

It was Selina.
Funny I thought.. Courtesy call. That's nice. Then she shocked me.

"I have permission from my boss to move you to the top of the list"

Fantastic I maybe only 1 or two months.

NOPE!! Try next Thursday. Isnt that crazy???!!!

So, here I go again worry worry worry about things that God had totally planned out and totally in control.

I wish I could just learn that little lesson...but chances are I'll be back on here...worry worry worry.

On a totally different note...

Toby had a VCUG and ultrasound done this past Thursday. They didnt find good things. His Kidney refulx is back and with the number 3 (not good) Now they are talking surgery, tethered cord and all kinds of stuff id rather not think about. They moved up our july appointment to next week. They want to do a full exam see nuero and everyone. This stuff is just plain scary. I HATE kidney stuff.

But,...okay...not going to worry worry worry

LOok how quick I forgot my lesson!! : )

Seriously though please be in prayer for us this next week. We have a hearing with SSI over a few thousand dollars they are pretty sure we owe them and these doctor's appointments.

Sorry to be lengthy. I could have written about 4 more paragraphs!!