Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's Not all about you

Weird Title, right?

Well, its been 3 weeks since Ive written. Quite possibly the longest I've gone. Well, the reason is my life is not all about Toby. I know it might seem that way, ive got one blog totally dedicated to HIM, another blog dedicated to spina bifida and I make necklaces to help raise spina bifida awareness. But really, its not all about him.

I have two other beautiful amazing just as talented, just as strong, just as brave children.

I want to blog about them for once. In fact I might just have to changed the title of my blog.... : )

Grace, her birthday was on February 18th. She has only had one birthday without Toby in her life. In fact she was 15 months old when Toby was born. She was truly God's grace in my life during my pregnancy with Toby and his month long NICU stay. I didnt have a choice to get up out of bed or stay and get depressed. I had Grace who was still depending on me to be mommy. (the best job in the world may I add) She is a handful. She's five years old now and I see so much of myself in her and so much of her own unique personality. She loves pink. She loves to swing. She loves climbing on things she shouldnt climb on. She loves to sing and absolutely loves church, especially her sunday school teachers. She loves veggies and I mean looves veggies. She gets in trouble for eating too much brocoli. She can be the most patient and loving child I have ever been around and then she can be the most selfish, rotten one too! She sits through therapies for Toby. She wants to go to Doctor's appointments with him. She helps him into the play place at chick fil a. And yells at any kid that might come close to stepping on Toby's fingers. She waits patiently hoping to get a sticker from a doctor or therapist as Toby gets his millionth sticker. She makes me proud. She helps and loves to help. She has an incredibly strong desire to learn. She designs buildings for missionaries with her blocks. I love her.

Then, There's Milo. Oh sweet Milo. His birthday was today, February 25th exactly a week after Gracie's. He's One now. His personality is coming out full force. He is truly the happiest baby in the world. He would smile at a gremlin if the gremlin smiled at him first. He has the best giggle Ive ever heard. You could seriously tape it and sell it. He crawls with his booty straight up in the air, flat footed and it makes everyone laugh. He has a mullet full of curls and I could cry at the though of cutting it, but could also cry at the thought that my kid has a mullet! He loves to squint his eyes at you, especially when you have the camera out. It took him what seemed like fourteen years to learn to clap his hands. He's not walking and we arent in any hurry. He loves mac and cheese. He loves brocolli. He loves stuffed animals. He loves his friend wesley. and all the babies at church. He loves his sister and brother. Every morning I hear him and Toby playing till I come get him out of his crib. He's a bad baby who likes to get into the potty, rip things up, unplug the night light, throw his food on the ground, and all kinds of stuff. He drives me crazy. He loves his blankets. He could be screaming and if you give him his blanket it's like a tranquelizer. : ) he loves it. I love him.

So, yes it's been three weeks without a post. But it's been three good weeks. Weeks of planning birthday celebrations, having birthday celebrations and just enjoying all that God has given me. My life is full.

Weird Title, right?


Racerjack said...

Great blog. I know this blog is dedicated to Toby and the things going on in his life and all your lives. but I see you realize there is so much more to life going on around a person with a disability. You have a normal family with normal things going on with it. Yes there are aspects which make it more difficult and stressful at times, but it is not the only thing going on. The more you take those in and concentrate on them, the less focus you will have on the disability or any things that come up. Toby has so many more normal things going on in his life, as well as all of you, that it makes for so many wonderful memories. We will all have something that may come about, or we're dealing with right now, that we have to find ways of not letting them rule our life. It can be loss of a job, loss of a relative, friends who moved away, kids worrying about other friends, etc. But we need to find ways to overcome them, deal with them, accept them and go on to make our lives as normal as possible. God helps us in that respect with grace and guidance. Sometimes we find it in the face of strangers, friends, or our own kids. You have a real joy that comes through beyond the tears you show at times. You have a beautiful family and the neat thing is, your enjoying them all. It's nice to hear about your other kids at times. We all many parts, but we are all one body. God be with you and yours.

Scasmflops said...

Wonderful to hear how you all are doing!!! You have adorable children!!!Happy Birthday Milo and Gracie!!

Anonymous said...


Lisa Curcio said...

Very sweet! I love seeing your other children and hearing about them.

I also wanted to mention that the comment above me is spam, I get them too, each period is a link to nasty sites. If I were you I would do away with word verification and moderate all comments.

Colleen said...

I just love your descriptions of your kids!