Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Miracles

I've been wanting to write this for a while, but with three little kids keeping me busy it seemed like my time was cut very short. Poor Milo has a double ear infection, roseola and is teething on top of it all. Needless to say he didn't find it needful for me to have any extra time to sit down and write.

It's been a while since this story actually took place, but I thought it noteworthy enough to come back to.

There are aspects of our lives that are hard, and there are aspects of our lives that our wonderful, but then there are those aspects of our lives that are hard and yet so incredibly wonderful at the same time. Hope that makes sense!

My husband is the youth pastor at Leon Valley Baptist Church, so of course our children are regulars in Sunday School. (It always makes me smile when their attendance charts are completely full.) Well, for a while there they were studying different miracles that Jesus performed. If you are at all familiar with the Bible I am sure you are familiar with Jesus healing people who could not walk. For a couple of weeks Gracie would be bringing home pictures of a man on a stretcher and then walking. She would bring home papers with verses about how Jesus healed this man. I should have been putting two and two together. I should have known how Gracie's mind worked at this point, but I didn't. So here I was sitting in the van exhausted from a long Sunday morning waiting for Nate to finishing locking the doors, and this is what I heard.
"Toby, Jesus can make your legs better. Jesus can make you walk. We can pray. Jesus can do miracles." This said as she patted him on the shoulder as she was walking to the back of our minivan.
Of course my first thought was to hush her so she didn't confuse Toby. But then the second thought hit me. Her little heart had so much faith. It was not a question of if God would or if he could. It was a statement, HE CAN! Miracles might take place differently than they used to, but they still take place.
I look at the video that I just posted a couple days ago, and I think, wow, she was right. Jesus can make him walk. We can pray. And Jesus can do miracles.
I'm so thankful for Gracie and how she can show me what true faith looks like.

The sidenote of this whole story is that Toby sat there and said, "YEAH!!" very excitedly to her statements. Every statement was answered with a hearty, "yeah!" He might not have understood what Bible story she was referring to or how this would work, but he was totally with his sister on her plan.

So, this story came to my mind the other day as over the last week I have seen such a miracle take place in my son. I've seen God work.

I just want to write a list of the little miracles that have taken place this week, even if for my benefit only.

1. Toby asked to walk for the first time.
2. Toby asked to stay standing instead of sitting down when given the option.
3. Toby fell and didn't cry and asked to stand back up right after.
4. Toby walked through Chick-fil-A.
5. Toby stood on a stool and washed his hands.
6. Toby asked for his braces.
7. Toby became more confident.
8. Toby opened a door knob.

Thanks for letting me share this with all of you. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. I love sharing what God has done--especially when it is so clear that HE has done the work!


Anonymous said...

Toby has progressed so fast. His endurance and tenacity leave us adults wanting. Thanks too, for sharing the spiritual aspect. Children can sometimes have such simple faith - they haven't added their unbelief to the Truth. What a wonderful thought that is! What an example both Gracie and Toby are to me, to us. May their hearts continue in this as they both learn more and more about their Heavenly Father; knowing He does all things best. Thanks for sharing. A wonderful thing to go to bed thinking about.

Your Mom

Anonymous said...

I wanted you to know how much I loved the list! My two favorite were... Standing on a stool and washing his hands, and opening a doorknob!Never again to be shut in or out of a room! (I know how frustrating that is for him!) Love you guys and we are so proud of Toby!

Pat said...

How our hearts rejoice with you!!!
It has been long road, but we know God IS able!

I love the fact of Gracie's faith...
you see, kids never add the IF to a statement in the Bible ---adults do...

My God is so great, so strong and so mighty there's NOTHING my God cannot do..

He is answering prayers in His way and in His time...

Blessings as you seek Him!!


Bethany said...

Tears are streaming down my face. "Thank you, Lord!"

Anonymous said...

SOB!!!!!! I LOVE that list & I know that no words spoken or written can even describe what it means to you. And I love Gracie's example of faith...SO PRECIOUS!!!! Thank you for sharing with us. Luv u!

Colleen said...

This brought a tear to my eye!

Monica said...

I love all your posts, but I REALLY loved this one! Our sons are going to be walking testimonies to God's great power! Live it and believe it!