Friday, November 27, 2009

The women who write blogs

Well, everyone is sick at my home, which means everyone is taking a nice long nap. It's cloudy outside and I'm avoiding the laundry. Nate is sitting opposite me writing on one of his books. (It's starting to get ridiculous! : ) But I'm proud of him.) So I feel inspired to write on my blog. I always tell him that writing a blog is so much better than writing a book. I don't have anyone telling me to change my grammar or that I am being too wordy. I just write, instant gratification. : )

Today I feel truly sad. The internet can be such a wonderful place of encouragement and insight, but it also opens the door to sadness.

I have so enjoyed being on the BabyCenter website support group for Spina Bifida Kids. It has been more encouraging than I could have even imagined, and for that I am thankful. Today I went on (hadn't been on in a while) and found out that a sweet lady on there has lost her baby girl. She was a baby with Spina Bifida who was going in for a shunt surgery. (These surgeries are usually not a big deal at all.) For some reason something went wrong, and she did not make it out of surgery. My heart just breaks for this mom. I don't truly know her personally, but you really start to get attached to these women as you read about their pregnancies and then their births and now this. I am just genuinely sad. Please pray for this mom.

That's the hard part of the support group. It could be incredible news like a child is walking for the first time or incredibly sad news.

From the site I've enjoyed going to other blogs and reading about their children with spina bifida. Especially a dear lady who is a youth pastor's wife!! (What are the chances??) However, I seem to always stumble over someone else's blog and their incredibly sad story of loss and heartbreak. I've read about a mom who lost her twin girls, a mom who has lost two boys, a mom whose child has multiple disabilities and undergoes multiple surgeries. There is just so much out there. However, I am amazed that a lot of these women still bring glory to God. It seems to be (at least the blogs I find) that the women who write and the women who want to share their stories are also the women who still praise God. Who still trust God. Who still love God. They show God's grace through their lives and through their testimonies. I find it interesting that these are the women who write. We have no better reason to share our stories. We have no better reason to write, but than to praise the God who loves us and who gives us the very breath we breathe.

So, I guess my point is. The internet is sad and there are so many sad stories out there, but in the midst of the sadness there are women who are praising God and for that I am truly thankful. I don't know how similiar are beliefs are, I don't know if we believe all the ins and outs of doctrine and the Bible. But I do see their love for God and their trust in God and again, for that I am thankful.
So if any of you women out there are reading this...Please keep writing...Please keep sharing. You are encouraging my heart. I believe we make a difference, whether or not it be a small difference. We are a living testimony of God's grace.


Lacy (SB mom) said...

I completely agree with you. God has allowed us to be able to show his grace and goodness through our miracles.

Shelly said...

Just wanted you to know that I find your blog incredibly inspiring. I'm one of the moms on Babycenter, and I could not have made it through this whole spina bifida journey without all of these amazing women, and of course without the strength that I draw from God.