Thursday, November 5, 2009

Toby Walking


Toby's therapist unlocked one of the drop locks on Toby's KAFOs last visit. Well, I wish I had a "before" video. But there is a HUGE difference. Keep praying for Toby.
This video was done with my phone, but I think it's still incredible!!!


Jessie said...

Hi Kari,

I read your blog regarding how you found out about Toby. I remember hearing from others that your baby was sick and you were going to have to take lots of care of him but I never understood what that meant. Until I moved to NC where I met a family who has a 5 year old little girl with Spina Bifida that became good friends of Jasmine and realized all you go through raising your son. The little girl I know lives a very fulfilled life she has all she needs and parents that love GOd so much and others due to this! I know God gives children with disabilities to special people and you are one of them! I read your facebook and see your pictures and all I see a women full of LOVE and LIFE for the Lord and that is so Amazing !! You are living a full life and that is a great testimony to all of us! Thank you for sharing your life with us it is special to see how God is answering prayers and how you live for the Lord daily!! You are a blessing to all of us!

Jessie Martinez( Edith's older sister)

Tori said...
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Anonymous said...

That brings tears of joy to my eyes! WONDERFUL!!!!! YAY TOBY! God is working through your persistence & faith in HIM. Love you!

Bethany said...

WAY TO GO, TOBY! That's so very exciting.
(Ha! I just found out why I couldn't get comments e-mailed last time. It was my hidden identity.)

Anonymous said...

Aww Toby... I am so proud of you. I remember the first time I saw you using your walker and it was hard and you were scared but you did it anyway. You are growing stronger and so much more confident. And you're ONLY 3! I am so so proud of you. When I complain about walking upstairs everyday because of my knees hurting, all I need to do is think of you and how you don't quit. Grandma Nana is so proud. I love you Toby!

Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

Yay Toby!!! What a little trooper. Awesome video.

John C said...

I love the video. I remember the day my daughter first made progress with her walker, I happy for you all.

Judd's Place said...

Hey Sweetheart

An awesome video I miss you guys so much