Friday, November 27, 2009


Okay. So of course I tried to title this to be able to get your attention in some way, shape or form. I really wanted people to see this if you couldn't tell. This happened tonight, and I really couldn't wait another day to share it with everyone. The picture is not super impressive since it was done by my incredibly sick husband with his camera phone. Poor guy, he was barely functioning. I know you can barely tell what's going on, if at all. This is Toby and Mommy dancing together for the first time. Now, granted, we've done the crawling dance and the on your knees dance, but never ever ever the hand in hand standing up dance. This is one of those moments that I'm so thankful that I absolutely cannot take for granted. I was able to dance with my son tonight. WOW OH WOW OOOOOH WOW! And it gets even better. I gave him the chance to sit back down, and he asked for his walker. Then Gracie and Toby danced for the first time together. I know that Gracie doesn't understand this and probably doesn't even remember, but about a year ago she was really struggling because her brother couldn't dance with her and she didn't want to dance the way he wanted to. Well, there you go. Gracie and Toby danced. And then it got even better... Toby said, "I want to dance by myself" So he starts kicking his legs and just dancing all by himself. I say pretty impressive, if you ask me!! Here's the video.

I am so thankful for these little moments. I am thankful that Gracie, Milo, Daddy and Mommy all got to experience this together. There is nothing better than sharing the triumph with family. Well, I am very excited about this. So I better calm down now and get ready for bed and go check on my sick husband. Goodnight everyone. WOW OH WOW OOOOH WOW!! : ) God is sooooo good!


Cheryl Martinson said...

Your blog post practically brought me to tears. What an amazing post and I'm so happy that you and your son got to experience that moment together. Congratulations to you both.

Summers Family said...

Congratulations to all of you! What a GREAT post. My husband and I were reading and watching it (and crying) together. Thank you, thank you for sharing such a special moment with us. Our daughter is only 4 months old and my heart aches at the thought of never dancing (hand in hand) with her. That has changed - you have once again reminded me that our amazing children are capable of so much and to never give up hope.

I have very much enjoyed reading about Toby and your family. What an inspiration you all are. I cried with you when you were at clinic, I rejoiced when Toby was cooking with you and now I am overjoyed at watching Toby dance. What a month you've had!

Congratulations again and God Bless.

The Summers Family
Nicole, Branden, Jack (4), Benjamin (almost 3) and Annabelle 4 months SB and Hydrocephalus (2 revisions)

PS - I was great to read about Toby today as I have been heartbroken about baby Catherine.

Rach said...

Kari thanks so much for sharing that!!! What a handsome boy! :) God really is good!

Nate and Emily said...

It is so encouraging to watch these awesome moments. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBBBBBB!!!!!! That was so BEAUTIFUL my dear friend. I can SO appreciate that for How I love to dance at home w/ my kids. What little things we take for granted! Luv u!