Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Toby's Bike.....

This is Toby.

This is Toby's bike....Well the bike we want Toby to have.

Weve heard about these bikes for at least a year now and have really wanted to get him one. The problem is they are not the normal bike price...to say the least. We are working on raising money for this bike for Toby. It uses hands instead of feet to petal. It helps with balance and strength and honestly it just looks like fun.

One of the hard parts of Toby's life is just trying to keep up with the other kids. He does an incredible job when crawling, but since we are really trying to work past that he's been getting frustrated. I really believe this could help encourage him to keep working.

well, I got online looking for a used one...no luck. Then I found this website


They have what they refer to as a Kiddiepool. You put in a request for a piece of equipment and people donate towards it. I am so excited about this. Nate and I have been working on a garage sale to help raise money towards this, but would really love any help.

If you know of any companies or individuals that would like to donate towards Toby's bike please let them know about us!!

The exact address for the donation is www.adaptivemall.com/tobyt.html

please be praying for this. I know it probably seems like such a little thing, but its super important to us.

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