Tuesday, September 7, 2010

survived the week

We survived our week!!!

We ended up having appointments Monday thru Friday for Toby. Poor guy, but nothing that a trip to mcdonalds couldnt cure.

We will have more coming soon.

Thats life though.

Some results. We got molded for a back brace for Toby's new diagnosis of scoliosis. (bummer) He is going to start receiving speech therapy (they put him at the level of speech for half his age..crazy bummer) And Ocupational therapy.. (wasnt near as bad as speech but is still needed) which puts us at a grand total of 6 therapiest a week. Honestly im hoping it takes insurance a while to approve this one. : )

On a positive note I had the nicest therapist stop me today during PT and take the time to tell me about all these programs. (most I had heard of) But not only tell me, print out paper work, write down phone numbers, print off webpages. EVERYTHING!! I was so thankful.

Toby and I were out in the most horrible rain ever for therapy today. We have to walk over a block to our car from therapy. It didnt hit me till we got outside that I would be carrying a 4 year old, papers from therapist, arm crutches and trying to balance an umbrella. Well of course our umbrella blew inside out 4 times. a car drove by and splashed me. the umbrella got blown out of my hand back into the street we had just crossed (which then we had to recross to save the umbrella) in all the hussle I put Toby into Milo's baby car seat (which he immediately got upset about, had to get back out in the rain and switch him) 2 cars pulled over and asked if I needed help. But the best part was. Toby and I just laughed. We were drenched from top to bottom, but it was so funny. Because if it COULD go wrong it DID go wrong!! I'm making sure it goes in my memory bank. Hoping it goes in his too.

On a totally different note. I wanted to give a shout out over to the SBkids blog. We are trying to do a giveaway and help raise awareness for SB and raise support for a program a mommy is trying to start. so click here to find out more and enter.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!! Goodnight!



monicaandrew said...

Kari, you are a better woman than me! There is no way I would be laughing after having a day like that..I would be in tears!! :-)
You are also a better woman than me because I would not be walking a block twice a week for therapy. Sorry, Matthew!! :-) You are amazing..no wonder your in such great shape!

Joanna (and David) said...

Oh Kari - that is just so sweet and uplifting to read your positive thoughts after an exhausting week. I love that you laughed together - it doesn't always happen that way - but when it does you are both the better for it. :) I mean what do we gain by getting mad anyway? NOTHING! Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog and for sharing your life with all of us. It makes a difference. We all need each other. Thank you. :)

The Teacher's Wife said...

Hey Kari- it's Crystal (Berry) Rapinchuk from back in the day at Hillsdale! Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy your blog & have given you a blog award! You can accept it & pass it along on my blog at www.survivingateacherssalary.blogspot.com Have a fabulous week!!
Crystal- AKA- The Teacher's Wife