Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Sometimes my husband wows me. I mean really wows me. Like when I made a comment that I would love to have the back patio screened in and next thing I know he's built it from scratch with no real plans. And now I have a beautiful back patio screened in.


But those moments, as shocking and WOW as they are dont come close to the times when he teaches me things.

And as much as I hate to admit it and yes I do, He really does teach me some incredible things.

It was his book that changed my view of spina bifida more than anything thing else. You would think i wouldnt be surprised by something else he taught me. But I was.

Sitting in Sunday School class with teens again.

Not expecting anything to really truly HIT ME! And then he starts. It was the Sunday before Christmas so of course it was appropriate to talk about Mary the mother of Jesus. And of course I have spent my whole life hearing about Mary the mother of Jesus. But what he said and the view he came from rocked my happy little picture of a oddly glowing mary bent over a baby Jesus.
He talked about the PRICE mary paid to be the mother of Jesus. The fact that being pregnant before marriage made her a social outcast. The fact that her son, her baby was born to DIE. And she knew that. She knew that He was the Son of God. To give birth to a baby who was born to take away the sin's of the whole world. (I'm doing a horrible job of relaying his message) But the part that hit me was when Nate talked about Mary watching her son suffer. Mary watched Jesus die on the cross. She watched her firstborn son be mocked, be beat, be nailed to the cross. She watched as Jesus asked John to take care of her while He hung on the cross. Now think of watching YOUR CHILD go through what Jesus went through. Think about watching your child suffer the way that Jesus suffered, the way that He was mocked.
Now rewind...
When the angel stood in front of Mary and told her she would be the mother of Jesus. The mother of the son of God. Do you think Mary really would have signed on to that had she understood the suffering she would feel. The unbearable hurt and heartache that would be hers. What if she had known? What if she had understood? Had I been hurt I would have gone running the other direction.!! But Oh the amazing parts she would have missed out on. The joy and miracles she was able to witness. The incredible miracle of being Jesus' mother. She would have missed it.
Honestly, I had never thought about Mary that way. I never thought about Mary has a mother who paid a high price to be the mother of Jesus.
Then Nate talked about Toby. How maybe if we had understood what heartache we would feel to see our child suffer......If we had understood the fears, the pain and the sorrow...We probably would have run the other direction. But Oh again the amazing parts we would have missed out on. The joys we see. The miracles we witness as he walks through the house. The incredible miracle of being Toby's parents. We would have missed it.
So yes, Mary paid a high price being the mother of Jesus. It wasn't all glowing happiness in a manger. There was heartache, there was sorrow, but there was also amazing wonderful incredible experience.
I sat there with tears..trying not to break into the ugly cry. I heard a friend nearby crying also.
What a reminder for me.
What a wonderful amazing reminder. Yes, there is heartache, yes there is sorrow...But Oh....the Amazing parts. I wouldnt trade them for anything!


Cassie said...

I remember when I saw "The Passion" several years ago, before I was even a mom, but my heart hurt for Mary throughout the movie. Jesus was God but He was also her son, she nursed him, watched him sit up for the first time, take his first steps, say his first words. That was her baby on the cross...brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Tiffany said...

Totally have chills after reading this!! What an awesome perspective. Beautiful just beautiful! :-)

monicaandrew said...

WOW! That was a great read!! Thanks for sharing, Kari.

Scasmflops said...

Wow is absolutely right. I never considered that either. How perfect.

HennHouse said...

Love this.

Jeanine said...

Thank you, and your husband.