Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There are heros out there. Real ones.

I'm not just talking firefighters, police officers and people in spandex. : )

I'm talking the average person being a hero. (which then of course makes them no longer average.)

I have a hero right now. She wouldnt know it if I didnt tell her. She might even wonder why. She might laugh and walk away quickly to avoid any blubbering long thank yous from me.

But she's competely and totally my hero. (which then of course would make her a heroine)

The fact that she doesnt walk around letting everyone know how amazing she is just makes her that much more amazing.

Now to the story:

My husband is the director of the Upwards Basketball Program at our church. I have a love/hate relationship with Upwards. Its a great program but it takes a lot of time.

This year Gracie wanted to play basketball. We decided to let her but a part of me worried to sick about it. Toby's favorite game is basketball. FAVORITE. Toby cant play upwards.
1. he's too young this year
2. his arm crutches

So I'm picturing Toby crying every week at practice, every game and at every mention of upwards because he cant be a part of it.
Major Bummer

The first practice Toby was just kind of hanging out when Gracie's coach came over to Toby and said,
Hey I need my assistant Coach!!
(trying not to cry just typing this story)
Toby's face lit up like he was at disney world. He walked over, almost strutted, and tried not to smile, but I saw it. I saw him bite the inside of his mouth to keep a serious face, but I saw his smile. I wish I could describe his face better. It was perfect.
I turned around quickly to of course hide the tears.
But then it gets better.
It wasnt okay sweet little boy you can be my assitant coach. *wink* *wink*
She put his booty to work.
She had him out there in the middle of the team. Telling them where to stand. Having them run to him.
That was when it hit me.
She wasnt just a nice lady.
She had hit hero status.
The next week she has him blowing the wistle. (a possible mistake on her part)
During games she has him standing right with her.
She bought him a shirt the color of the team.
She gives him stars for his shirt just like the other players.

So, Cheers to Lori!! She will forever be a hero in my book. She will never understand the true impact her life has made on ours.It might seem simple to you, but for us. HEROIC!


Holli (and Mark) said...

Awesome. Couldn't help the happy tears flowing down my face just reading about your emotions on this day. There are some pretty incredible people that God puts in our lives!!!

Wonder woman...sorta said...

So very precious. I love people who rise up and do things that touch our hearts and show theirs.

Anonymous said...

SOB!!!! Even though i already knew I couldn't help it!!! And I love that Savannah got to be in the background of such a profound picture.


Scasmflops said...

YAY!!! LOve to hero Lori!!!!! And go Toby on those arm crutches!

Jill said...

Oh, MELT MY HEART!!! That is just too fabulous.

Bethany L. said...

Ditto. SOB, MELT MY HEART. What an awesome story. Lori IS a hero (and I don't even know her). Awesome!

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!