Monday, May 27, 2013


Its been long past time to do this. For a while this blog was called, "Raising Toby." I loved it. It was all about raising Toby. It was my spot to spill out hardships, victories, fears and joys. However, I stopped writing for a while. One reason being there wasnt much to write. We were at a stand still. We were just in cruise control with Toby. And it felt really weird to be writing only about one child when I have four children and another on the way. There was so much more to our life then Spina Bifida and Toby's special needs. So why now? Well, honestly there has been so much on my mind and my heart. So many things I want to say, to respond to, to just straight up talk about. And sometimes there's no time and sometimes there just isnt an ear right there to be available. And well my poor husbands ears could probably use a break. So this post is purely introduction. Purely hey here I am, but it might look a little different, sound a little different and be a little different. I hope that if you read this you will, 1. allow me the space to be honest. 2. allow me the benefit of the doubt if you think something negative. 3. feel free to comment or question. As a Pastors wife its not always easy or best to 'Put yourself out there' But honestly I never wanted to be that type of pastors wife. So here I am in all my glory, all my shame, all my thoughts, all my wonderings and mutterings. Take it for what it is. Hopefully the one thing it will always be is straight up honest. Kari

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