Thursday, January 15, 2015

To be Honest....a little about the "real me"

It took me a while to even know what those letters meant. I'm pretty sure I googled it if I remember correctly or asked a friend that is way more "with it" than I am.

I've seen people squawk on FACEBOOK about how people try to make their lives seem better than they are...or the opposite, how people like to only complain on FACEBOOK.  Its always one extreme or another.....So just in case I fall into one of these categories here's my TBH

1. To be honest I lose things all time. Like ALL THE TIME. Really really important things like keys and wallets and debit cards and brand new mascara I just bought. (the last which made me feel the most crazy) I know its something that can be solved. I know its a completely childish thing and makes me feel and seem like a mess. But I seriously CAN NOT get it together. Bless my husband and his reordering of debit cards.

2. To be honest I angle my pictures so you cant see the crumbs, toys, laundry, spilled sippy cup and large great dane rear end in the background. I'd really rather not let the facebook world know how behind I am on laundry and how crazy my house can get in 3 minutes. (the whole brushing your teeth while eating oreos)

3. To be honest if you come over I will shove 337 things in my room faster than you can walk passed the first door in the hallway and ask if you should remove your shoes. Its a gift really. But don't you dare open my bedroom door. (and for goodness sake don't take your shoes off!! I have kids, and 2 dogs and tile floor. You WILL step on something you didn't plan on.)

4. To be honest I weigh

Yea stinking right people. This is a lose lose situation. I put what I weigh and 3 reactions will happen. 1. "That chick is lying to herself"
2. "Does she have an eating disorder if she thinks she needs to lose weight?"
3. "Whoa that girl needs to drop some pounds."

I will say I do have a box of clothes under my bed that DOES NOT FIT ME and there is a high likely hood will never fit me again.

5. To be honest Id like to blame the fact that the box of clothes doesn't fit me because I have so graciously sacrificed my body for 5 beautiful blessings....but no....its for donuts...Donuts and coffee with cream.

6. To be honest my husband and I fight. Like real good "how are we ever happy" fighting? And I usually help it escalate real fast. (though he does his part to) And then for the next 3 days I feel guilty when I walk by the large sign on "Love is...." in my stairway. (I should take that down when I feel a fight coming on.)

7. To be honest I feel guilty when people do nice things for us. Like real on, strong GUILT. I cant have someone come over to our house without explaining that we aren't rich and that it was completely a miraculous happening that we are even here) Its embarrassing and yet its like I get diarrhea of the mouth. And I do it for everything. I cant even buy a new shirt without telling my friends it was 1.99 a thrift city. Its a disorder I'm sure.

8. To be honest I love homeschooling and hate it all at the same time. No really. Like love love "its the best thing ever" and the very next second "What am I thinking? Have I lost my mind, send these kids to SCHOOL NOW!" (possibly with some tears thrown in on the second part. I just try to avoid Facebook at those times.)

9. To be honest I know exactly how to angle my face to make it look thinner and I make sure the lighting is just right where it doesn't show my "angry eyes" wrinkle in between my eyebrow.

10. To be honest I have "angry eyes" way to often. Its kind of my go to.

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