Saturday, December 26, 2009

Toby's Bike

So, thanks to some incredibly generous people we were able to give Toby his first bike for Christmas this year. It was soooo exciting. I will admit that at first he was more excited about his bike helmet. (for some reason he attributes helmets to being a big teenager.)
I love this video sooooo much. In the first 2 seconds you can hear Nate talking to Toby in the background, "Never give up." Then later on you hear Toby tell Gracie,
"I'm gonna beat you"
I just love that we went outside and the kids got to ride bikes together. HOW AWESOME!! Just wait till Milo gets bigger and gets his first bike.
I am just so incredible thankful. sooo increidbly thankful.
One day I hope that Toby can look back on this and truly understand how many people love him. For now, its just a totally awesome bike with a totally awesome helmet that makes him look like a teenager. : )


John C said...

Your Toby makes me smile, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I love this video. I watched it like 5 times. I'm so excited for you guys!