Friday, January 8, 2010

Popcorn Night

So, I was sulking one day about the lack of Friday night fun that my family has. I was extremely jealous of a friend who had movie night with her family and let the kids stay up late on Friday nights. I thought how wonderful that would be, but my husband's not so wonderful schedule means that he works on Saturdays. (Its actually his earliest morning of the week)
So as I sat there engulfed in self-pity a thought hit me. Why not still have Friday night be Friday night? Yeah its a bummer that Nate works, but so what if the kids stay up late?
So that is when I initiated Popcorn night. Now I have to admit Popcorn night is not an original "Kari thought". It's something my parents did for a while when I was growing up. We would have Popcorn (of course) watch a movie, and then sleep WHEREVER we wanted to in the house. I can remember on occasion trying to sleep in my closet just because I could.
So now Popcorn night is in my household. Every Friday we rent a movie (we rent it on Tuesday because Blockbuster has a deal where you rent 2 kids or family rentals and you get 2 for free) and break out the popcorn and then let the kids sleep in each other's room, in a tent or something like that. (no closets quite yet) They love it and really look forward to it.
Well, lately, they are super loving Mario Brothers. Thanks to the Wii Nate purchased not so long ago. So tonight is Mario Brother's party night. We are watching some mario brother's 80s movies. I am going to make green cupcakes in honor of Yoshi. : ) SO be looking for pictures soon.
Just a side note. I am so thankful for Becki and really indebted to her for passing on her attitude to me. Her husband is a park police and used to have super crazy hours. (this past new years was there very FIRST one together since they had been married) Well, instead of feeling sorry for herself (like I like to do) she would just have fun with her kids and still make things special. She was the one who told me to just keep the kids up with me on New Years Eve instead of sulking in my bed waiting for my husband to come home. So instead of sulking this New Years Eve I had someone to kiss at midnight..Actually 2 people to kiss. Gracie and Toby!! : ) Anyway, I am so thankful that she just led by example instead of hitting me upside the head and telling me to get over it. Ever since we started this tradition of Popcorn night I have genuinely been a happier person. Instead of focusing on all the things that we can't do I am focusing on the things that we can do. We jut have to tweak them sometimes. What a much happier way to live life.


Anonymous said...

Mrs.Kari I loved reading this you are such a great mother and a wonderful wife ! Now day we see so many families falling apart and then I looked at yours and it makes me smile,ya'll are always happy and so fun ! I hope that when I become a wife I can be as supported as you are to Mr.Nate! Also when I become a mother I hope I am as happy and creative as you !You are wonderful !

Anonymous said...

:)luv u

Rach said...

This made me smile. So glad you are enjoying your time with the kids and making the most of what you have.

Colleen said...

Thanks for this. I need to follow YOUR example now! My husband works A LOT, including weekends, so I feel pretty sorry for myself quite often too. I need to stop that.