Friday, January 15, 2010

Toby's Clinic Appointment

So yesterday was a wonderfully exhausting day. It's one of those days where you see God work, but you still walk away exhausted.

Toby had another clinic appointment. He underwent CT scan, VCUG test, Urodynamics Study, and an Ultrasound. What a day for my little guy!!

He was fine as long as everyone let him know that there were no "IV Pillows." He really hated it the last time we were in the hospital and they taped a board to his arm for his IV.

So, we left the house at 6:15 a.m., and I couldn't believe how much he talked on the way. The last thing I wanted to do was talk, but I had to smile at his spirit even early in the morning.

He has been excited about talking about medical stuff and his doctors and who they are and what they do. He's starting to put everything together more. So first we saw
Dr. Pepas who let us know that his bladder is great!! However, we then found out that his reflux is back!! Honestly, I didn't even know kidney reflux COULD come back. So that was kind of a shock. So now we are on antibiotics all the time. Bummer!! But we have to protect those kidneys.

We then saw Neurosurgery. Toby's ventricles were small, so they adjusted the pressure again. Tullous was planning on this the whole time, so no big deal. It's incredible that they can do this with a magnet!!

Then we saw ortho. Now I will have to admit that this was my shining moment. My moment of pride and even the joy of handing a doctor his shoes to eat!! If you can remember back to my last post, Toby saw Ortho and we were told that he was functioning at the highest level on his spine that I had ever heard any one say, L1!! (By the way, the lower on the spine the better because the lower the function the more muscles and things are functioning. For example, L1 is much worse than L5.) I was super upset and frustrated. He let me know not to plan on walking and that we should just help him learn enough to make it to a bathroom and stuff. Super depressing. Well, only about TWO MONTHS LATER, Toby is not only walking but is walking all the time. WITH ONE BRACE UNLOCKED!!! Super HUGE!! Luckily, Toby was in the mood to show off and walked all over the place for his doctor. Needless to say, the doctor was surprised and then said Toby was functioning at the lowest level I had hear--L4 OR even L5!!! So that was an incredibly great moment for me. Just another time in my life that I can see God working miracles. It was nice to see it in the face of a doctor who wasn't convinced a couple months ago.
My God is good. And my Toby is working hard!!!

So that was our appointments. We left in record time, about 3:30 p.m., came home, made dinner and out the door for upwards practice. It was a busy day, and I'll admit that I am fighting the grumpies today. But I am FIGHTING THEM! :)


Rach said...

Love you Kari@

Jessie said...

Thanks for sharing and you are right OUR GOD IS BIG!! Praise be to HIM!!

Leigh and Andy said...

What a GREAT day!! That is AMAZING about the level me such hope for my little guy as well! :) YAY Toby! Oh, and if the reflux went away can go away again! :)

Dollface said...

Its amazing how our kids can show the doctors how wrong they are. WE never thought my daughter would be able to sit up and now she's prop sitting and sitting up on her own (when she feels like it that is!)

Colleen said...

That is AWESOME about the ortho appt!

I thought it was interesting about Toby starting to understand the doctor stuff more. We should have a discussion on BBC about how to explain this stuff to our kids.

Susan M. Nelson said...

Thanks for your post. It is very encouraging for me to read as I was just recently disappointed at our clinic appointment. Thanks! We will just have to wait in expectancy...

Scasmflops said...

YAY!!! I am so happy to hear how well Toby is doing, what a great little man. I also think that is wonderful how he is taking the drs. and stuff... It's a testimony to your spirit. I do agree with Colleen.. I know I am still a ways away from having to explain this to Carson, but I honestly have thought alot about it in the last few days.
p.s let's tag team those grumpies; they keep coming to me too :) You are an awesome gal. Thank you.