Thursday, March 4, 2010

Quick Update

Some of you know already...but some of you dont...

A while back I posted about our goal of AFO's. Never liking goals. I felt really funny about not only having a goal, but writing about it.


Im sure you see where this is going.

Monday at therapy. Todd, said, "Let's go ahead and call about getting him some AFOs. There's no reason really for these any more."

I wanted to jump up and do a little jig. But I didnt. I nodded my head and "mmm hmmm." Politely.

So, Go Toby Go!! We did it!! Well, not officially yet. Now I have the long and frustrating job of being an obnixious mom by calling doctors, therapist and orthopedists over and over again until someone actually signs a piece a paper and faxes it in.

So, that's that. I am sure I will be posting pictures when we get them.


ps. for those of you who are confused. Toby has KAFOs right now. they go all the way his leg. AFOs go below his knees.

Oh yeah and ONE MORE THING. Milo took his first steps today!! Hooray!!!


Selina said...

Wow! Great news all around! So glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is so awesome God is good ! I will be praying that dr's get on the ball ! :) love you


Anonymous said...

we r SOOOO excited for him!!!!

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