Saturday, May 8, 2010

The end results of Galleria Mall incident

so what's happened since the big Galleria thing in Dallas, you ask? Well, if you are a facebook friend with me you've heard bits and pieces.. (if not ask to be my friend I can never figure out how to look anyone up on that thing)

So here's what went down. After repeated messages from lots of friends from all of the country to the Galleria. One finally got a little more than a form letter back from someone, stating that they hadnt even heard from me. NOT TRUE!! I hadnt written to them and as I said before Nate had called them the very day it happened.

Well, I wrote AGAIN. Explaining who I was. Within a week I had an email in my inbox from a very nice lady by the name of Leslie who is the Vice President for Simon Malls in Texas. She asked that I call her or that I send her my number.

So of course I called. (during nap time so that I could hear everything HA!)

She was an incredibly kind lady who was extemely and I believe sincerely apologietic. She heard me out and heard about why I felt it was a big deal and never once tried ot rush me off the phone. (Huge in todays day and age) She then asked some questions in regards to the conversations Nate had. They still couldnt figure out who he talked to. I called her back later that day with some more details from Nate about whom he talked to.

She wrote me an email later on that day. They are pretty sure they have figured out who made the first phone call and have narrowed it down to 4 men who called Nate back that day and chewed him out.

Here's the exciting part.

Because of this all the security guards for Simon Malls in the state of Texas have now undergone training for situations like this one. To make sure that it is actually handled correctly!!! I think that is the GREATEST accomplishment out of all of this. What a wonderful way to end this situation!!

On another note...we are receiving a 100.00 visa gift card from Simon Malls. : )

So, I hope this is an encouragement to you, especially you SB mommys. We can make changes. We can do this without being vindictive or ugly or even overdramatic. We dont have to become bitter but we can take action in hopes to improve things for other children!!
And sometimes...just actually works! : )


Summers Family said...

Great ending to what was a very discouraging situation. Good work Kari!


Liz said...

Great job! I'm so glad that you took the time to follow-up on the incident. I know others will benefit from your efforts.

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Anonymous said...

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