Monday, May 17, 2010

Losing Todd

It was a sad day at therapy for us today.

We walked in to start our regular Physical Therapy when our PT dropped the bomb on us.

He's changing offices.

Me: Oh? Well, we can follow you, right?

Todd: You CAN, but the new office doesn't take medicaid.

Me: Oh...then we cant.


tears start welling up.... more tears start welling up.....and some more....

feeling like a total ninny. but cant seem to get the tears pooling up under control.

Todd went on to explain that its not one of those happy moves. Its because there are problems going on at the office he is at right now. It almost made it worse to know that this move isnt just something that is better for him personally...It's because of well....most likely...stupid people.

I somehow made it through the rest of therapy without boo hooing like a child.

Luckily all of this went over Toby's head because he was too excited to see Todd and play.

The water works did start big time after getting on the phone with Nate. There's something about hearing my husbands voice that makes my tough mommy just melt away into a puddle full of tears and emotions. (unfortuantly for Nate)

As I wrote before, so much has been accomplished this past year. We started with Toby shortly after his 3rd birthday and we will be finishing our last session shortly after his 4th birthday. Todd has been the core of all of the changes we have experienced. He has been the push, the drive and the knowhow this past year.

I am thankful for the time that we have been able to pick his brain, but am just plain sad for the time we will miss out with him.

I know that when we sit down with Toby to let him know it will be a sad day in our house.

Please pray for us as we look for someone to replace Todd....even though he isnt actually replaceable.


Anonymous said...

I hate to see you lose him too. Maybe God will provide the funds for him to see him. Either way, I'd try to keep up with him. He's helped Toby so much. Mom

Mom of The Fields Five said...

I know exactly how you feel and I cried reading your post because we have walked in your shoes. Our Pt was named Ms Brandi... She was at all the major moments of Madilyn's early life. I will say a prayer that you will be able to find to fill Todd's shoes. Hugs!

Jack Eherenman said...

Our therapist for our son was also his Godmother who was in the room at his birth. We had him baptized in the first hour as he was whisked off to another hospital an hour and a half away for the first of many major surgeries. I know how important it was for her to be his therapist for several years. But he also saw many other fine and qualified people for different things along the way. Many in that field are very good at what they do. They are there to make a difference. Just look around, talk to others, and you will find one you can be happy with. Please don't compare them to Todd as they may fall short. But they may also be just as good or better in the long run. Just do your best and take from it what you can to help Toby.
It's kind of like moving to another town or church. You leave very good friends, but make others along the way. It tears you up at first, but then you find other joys. It will also help you in future changes that will come your way. It helps prepare you for good and bad experiences. That will make you both stronger in the long run. Just give him your love and attention and look for good people along the way.
A trees roots grow stronger in the wind than in the calm.
I know you don't need many more storms, but that is where you grow in strength. God will provide in some way. Our prayers are always with you. Even though we have not met, there are many out here with kindred spirits, praying for each other.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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