Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Normal to Crazy in 2.5 Seconds: KAFO's

I'm sure any mom can undertand this.

You think your day is going well. There might be one small issue going on but nothing big. You're sitting around and decide to call up the ______________ (fill in the blank: doctor, therapist, orthopedic specialist) to mention what you seem to think is a small issue.
That's when everything changes. Your small issue turns into something much more serious then what you thought. You go from the mom who has it all together, to the mom who doesn't have a clue what's going on.
Not what I would consider a fun time.
As I've said before we are on vacation right now. It has been pretty uneventful concerning Toby. Especially for being at such a new point in his life with really pushing for walking and other things.
About four days ago Nate and I noticed a small red circle on the back of one of heels from his KAFO'S (leg braces). I thought, no big deal, leave them off for a day or two and it will be better and we will put the braces back on. The problem being three days later the red mark was still there.
Well, Im still in the 'no big deal' stage. Yesturday, I decided to put in a couple calls back to Texas to find out what we needed to do.
Within what seemed to be a couple seconds I found out that it was indeed a more complex problem. We needed to start putting heat on it, massaging it and work on finding an orthotics guy down in Tampa.
There is something about trying to find someone who is willing to work on something as imortant as a KAFO while out of town and trying to work out insurance and all that. Well, as I sat there stressing out and worrying, God was working everything out. God knew that this would happen and would also know how the outcome would be. I called the Spina Bifida clinic in Florida yesturday and really thinking I wouldnt here back from them. At 8am this morning they called back,(which is an incredible time frame) by 9am I had found an orthotics guy that would see Toby any time TODAY! By 2pm Toby had his braces fixed by a wonderful man and we left the orthotics office without ANY bill whatsoever. He worked on his braces completely for FREE!

Can there by any other reason of this afternoon going so well other than God working? NO WAY! I am so incredible thankful that God knows everything we will face before it happens and not only does He know, He takes care of it.

There were hard parts of the day for sure like when Toby started crying as soon as the man walked in because he had a white coat on. Or when I didn't have my cell phone on me to get the number for our office in Tampa. There will always be those hard parts of any of these types of situations. But I know that I can either sit here and think on how sad I was when Toby cried or how stressed I felt about not having my phone...OR I can focus on the incredible grace of God and how He completely and utterly took care of this for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had a tough day! However, I am so glad that God provided just what Toby needed. God shows us his lovingkindness in so many ways! He is a loving Father! - Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your Day was so rough but glad that it worked out in the end & that you were able to see God's hand in it all. I miss you & am praying for you.

Monica said...