Friday, October 2, 2009

Try something new

Let me challenge all you parents who have a child with special needs to do something in the next few days. Look for something your child cant experience that a "normal" child would be able too. I know it seems heartless, but find something that you might not realize your child isnt able to do. Then fix it. Even if just for a few moments make it where your child can experience it. Get creative and work around the disability. As you can probably tell from the picture I realized that my son Toby never got to look out windows like the rest of the children his age get to do. So we fixed it and I set him up with his braces to do just that. He loved it and it was one of those little triumphs in our lives to watch him experience something new. If we dont look for opportunities like that those opportunities will be lost. Even things that might not seem to matter. Like turning around and watching the toliet flush or watching a roll of toliet paper unwind. (I dont know why I have the bathroom on my mind) Maybe it's just sitting on a skate board or sitting on the countertop helping cook. I think it's easy to over look these things because we try to focus on what our child can do not on what our child cant do, but then we miss out on the opportunites to help them do something that they can do with a little creativity. I will look at this picture and always remember the day that he stood and looked out the window for the first time. I'd love to hear of any thing that you came up with for your child.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post. Your little one is very lucky to have a creative mama like you! Visiting you from 5 minutes for mom's blog frog!

Monica said...

We recently got to do this with Matthew. Sister is always running around the house in her skates. She would sleep in them if we let her. Anyway, Matthew has made comments about him skating. I never even considered it for him, and would pacify him by telling him, "Maybe when your older, baby."
"Ok, mommy..." such a sweet boy...
Well, one day, his therapist brought him out to the waiting room wearing skates and a helmet and knee pads! He was in heaven! "Look at me, mommy!"
You better believe I bought him his own pair of skates and helmet. And I will think long and hard the next time I want to tell him,"Maybe when your older, baby."