Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vacation Fun

We have had an awesome time this vacation. It's been crazy, but incredible. For part of the time we were able to go up to Greenville,SC to visit my parents, meet Nate's editors and see the college campus again.

My parents took us to the Japanese Steakhouse that was in town. Toby wasnt quite so sure about the fire, but after a while he eased up to the idea. Milo was never too sure about it.

Then of course the most fun thing was the free thing. My parents found some empty box lids and let them slide down their front yard. (I'm sure we looked very classy while we were doing it) The kids had a blast and thats what was important. I dont know why the things kids love the most are also embarrassing!

To me there is something incredible about seeing Toby play a game that doesnt have to be rethought or redone to make it possible for him to participate. I feel like a lot of our life is spent doing just that. This little game was perfect and just plain good for my heart because he played the same exact way Gracie did

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Anonymous said...

It was so much fun, I was tempted to cancel the Japanese Dinner. Amazing the free things we can do. So glad Toby enjoyed it too, like any other child.

Love - Mom